Breakthrough Vibration-reducing Seat Technology


Suspension Systems Technologies (SST) introduces CounterRide®, a suspension technology which exceeds the vibration reducing capabilities of conventional seats and approaches the performance of active, power-driven seats. With no expensive electronic monitoring or control components, the vibration performance of SST’s low-profile suspension is enhanced without a dramatic increase in manufacturing costs.

The question isn’t SHOULD you reduce vibration, the question is HOW.

The impact of continual seat vibration on the vehicle operators is well-documented. Beyond the potential adverse impact to the operator over time—even under normal driving conditions—seat vibration can contribute to driver fatigue and delayed responses, which may play a role in some accidents.

Low Profile
5.5 in / 14 cm” Height

Minimal Travel
± 2 in / 5 cm
Suspension Travel

CounterRide® Smooth Suspension Technology

Eliminate almost all vibration without motors, sensors or electronics.

The breakthrough design of SST’s CounterRide® Technology involves three unique patented and patent pending elements.

Unlike all other suspensions, a circular cam and lever arms move the occupant in the opposite direction of the terrain—canceling out movements and vibrations while simultaneously stabilizing the operator.

A horizontal shock absorber connected to a circular cam ensures that jolts are absorbed laterally and not transmitted up through the suspension to the operator.

In a much thinner package than most conventional suspensions—the ultra-low friction of the cam, lever arms and shock provide unparalleled movement, vibration, and shock mitigation.

See CounterRide Technology in Action!

This video compares a standard truck seat and the same seat equipped with CounterRide® passive shock, movement and vibration mitigation technology.
Note that SST suspension performance is achieved with a suspension roughly half the height.

CounterRide technology is currently available for licensing from Suspension Systems Technologies.

Why consider licensing CounterRide?

  • Superior vibration- and shock-mitigation compared to most conventional seats.

  • Vibration mitigation—at a lower manufacturing cost—compared to active suspension systems

  • Improved vehicle operator comfort and reduced fatigue

Who should explore licensing CounterRide technology?

  • OEMs and seat manufacturers of heavy, medium, and light duty trucks and vans
  • OEMS and seat manufacturers of municipal and motor coach buses
  • OEMs and seat manufacturers of cabover vehicles, utility, and garbage trucks

Who can benefit from CounterRide Technology?

  • National and regional trucking operators

  • Municipal and commercial bus operators
  • Municipal labor groups

  • Managers of municipalities and vehicle fleets

About Suspension Systems Technologies

Suspension Systems Technologies is a research-based, engineering design and licensing firm.

Our conceptual designs are based on the extensive collection of real-word vibration exposures, lab-based testing, and advanced scientific modelling. We originated in industry and were revitalized by academia.

We focus on bringing thoughtful, sensible, and highly affordable solutions to often complex problems. Our technology provides benefit at the intersection where the capabilities and limitations of the human body collide with real-world demands.